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Reach an audience actively searching for you.

We like to connect people in business with readers who would benefit from their products or services. We can craft stories an editorial projects that tell your stories and reach the right people. Curious? Contact us to see how that works. We will also send you a media kit with our latest web analytics.

For property professionals: Each Yucatán Magazine Property Listing gets its own unique web page with a link to the listing included in the following week’s Yucatan Magazine Roundup newsletter, reaching 4,500 subscribers.

The listing is also promoted in the main directory, which shows the main photo, headline and introductory text.

Cost per listing: $3,800 MXN  
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Newsletter advertising

Our Monday-morning Yucatan Magazine Roundup is emailed to over 4,500 subscribers. They are our most hard-core readers. The Roundup includes links to our most popular stories and calendar events as well as the latest real estate listings. There are only two banner ad positions, each 664 pixels wide by 80 tall.

The space is exclusively yours for $24,750 MXN/year
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