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Daylong tribute to Pedro Infante on anniversary of his death

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A statue of Pedro Infante in Mérida is one of four in Mexico honoring the late film star. Photo: Panoramio

Mérida, Yucatán — Pedro Infante fans and admirers will pay homage to the late film star on the anniversary of his death on Sunday.

The handsome “Ídolo de México” perished in a plane crash 61 years ago a few blocks from his monument, Calle 62, at 89A and 91, Centro, where the tributes will be held.

Juan Carlos González Ávila, member of the planning committee, said that this will be their 42nd event in Infante’s memory since his death.

Song stylist Rocío Ramírez, tenor Gustavo Durán and the soprano Mariana Palma will join various mariachi players in tribute to the matinee idol. The Bartolomé Loría orhestra will play melodies of his era. Also, the Caminantes del Mayab motoclub will exhibit their vehicles.

Infante, a leading man from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, was only 39 and at the height of his career when a converted bomber he was piloting crashed.

Infante had a home in Mérida, which is why the citizens felt connected enough to the actor to build one of the city’s largest statues.

The prolific actor starred in more than 60 films since 1939 and he had recorded about 350 songs.

Committee chairwoman Paloma Martín said some 900 people are expected at the tribute.

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