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Diego Luna in Mérida to discuss satire about corruption

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Diego Luna
Opciona head Alejandro Legorreta and the actor Diego Luna present a book on Mexican corruption. Photo: El País.

Mérida, Yucatán — “Rogue One” star Diego Luna comes to the UADY campus today to discuss a book that made waves across the country last year.

The satirical dictionary, the title of which translates to “Mexican Corruptionary,” is a tongue-in-cheek work by Opciona, a nonprofit group that seeks to improve civility in Mexico. Luna wrote the foreword and has been promoting it on a national tour.

In Mexico, there are 300 words for “corruption,” and the book documents them all. 

The presentation is 11 a.m. today at the university’s science and engineering library in the city’s north.

Mexican citizens rank corruption as their second biggest concern after safety.

Opciona researched the subject and concludes that the majority of Mexicans, 89 percent, believe that abstaining from paying bribes would help reduce corruption. But 23 percent of the respondents to their poll admitted to paying a mordida to make a problem go away.

The book itself, published in Spanish by Penguin Random House and online here, is pretty funny, despite its tragic implications, writes Quartz.

From “Corrupcionario Mexicano”

In the satire, popular political cartoonists offer concepts such as abogánster, a combination of the Spanish words for “lawyer” and “gangster” used to name any lawyer or “student of that elegant profession who offers his services outside public ministry buildings to extract a juicy bite from you.” 


Luna admits that reading the book’s manuscript resulted in an unexpected reaction.

“I laughed, until suddenly I stopped and felt heartburn,” Luna said at a previous presentation of the Corruptionary. “I felt very uncomfortable with myself.”

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