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Do You Need Solar Batteries for Your House? A Few Things to Consider

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Solar systems are gaining popularity with homeowners across the United States, with nearly four percent of homes using solar energy for household needs. It’s an excellent way to help the environment by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and finite resources for power. It’s a sizable investment but pays for itself in the long run and allows you to enjoy a smaller carbon footprint.

One of the most challenging decisions homeowners face when purchasing a solar energy system is whether or not to get solar batteries. It’s fair to wonder, “Are solar batteries worth it?” Your solar battery storage system provides several benefits for your household, and it’s essential to learn how they’ll provide value.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect spot to learn more about the benefits and purposes of solar battery installation at your home. Continue reading to take your home into the future and start green living today!

What Are Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries are an add-on for your solar energy collection system. Most solar systems tie directly into the local electric grid, meaning you have zero energy reserves if the power goes out. The batteries allow you to conserve the extra energy you collect so you can use it later when needed.

Your panels will receive energy from the Sun and run it through the inverter. The inverter then routes the electricity to your storage batteries, where it’s held. It’s a viable alternative to connecting to the grid and selling excess energy.

Pros of a Solar Battery Storage System

Investing in solar storage batteries for your new solar energy system has several benefits. Gaining independence from massive energy companies is an important goal, especially for the planet’s health. You can take control of your energy collection and use and do your part to lower carbon emissions.

The cost is higher with these batteries, but the benefits outweigh the costs and help you determine that solar batteries are worth it. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of your solar batteries.

Lower Energy Bills

Your solar batteries will help you enjoy much lower electric bills annually. It’s critical to view your solar batteries as long-term investments that will pay for themselves in a matter of years. You can watch your savings increase each month when your electric bill arrives.

You’ll also capitalize on the time of use rates with your solar batteries. Most energy companies charge you more for using electricity during peak hours, usually between 4 PM and 9 PM. You can save by using your stored energy during peak hours to eliminate the extra costs.

Energy Independence

Relying on giant energy companies for power at your home is making a deal with the devil, especially as power outages increase nationwide. With a solar battery storage system, you’re better off taking your energy needs into your own hands. You can work with semper solaris to get your system installed and running.

Most solar systems tie into the grid, meaning you have zero power in the home when the grid goes down. A solar battery installation is crucial because you’ll continue enjoying your power reserves when the power goes out. Enjoying when snow and ice take down power lines is a wonderful perk because your family will remain safe and warm.

Low Maintenance

Another perk of investing in solar batteries is their low-maintenance nature when powering your home. Ensure you get help from certified professionals for the installation process to eliminate any hassle and frustration.

Your batteries are a much more reliable alternative to a backup generator in your home. You’ll enjoy sustainable energy and handle minimal maintenance to prepare you for the unpredictable. Since generators require fuel, you run the risk of running out of energy during a power outage.

Your solar batteries will refuel themselves. You don’t need to keep any additional fuel on hand. It’s the most reliable way to keep the power in your home.

Long Lifespan

Yes, solar batteries are expensive, but you get backup energy for years before replacing the original batteries. They’re intended to work for 4,000 charging cycles, providing the coverage you need for a happy future. Your solar battery installation will also allow you to enjoy warranty coverage for up to 10 years.

Increased Home Value

Potential home buyers love finding homes with existing solar energy systems on the market. You’ll find that homes with solar systems sell up to twice as fast as homes lacking solar power. You can also charge more since you’ve significantly improved the house with your solar panels and batteries.

Drawbacks of Solar Batteries

Solar batteries have some drawbacks worth considering if you’re on the fence about a grid-tied energy system. The primary hurdle many homeowners face is the cost of solar batteries. They’re an inexpensive investment; many homeowners need more capital to pay in full.

The batteries are expensive, but you should also account for the installation costs. Hiring a professional is best to ensure everything is set up correctly. Add that to the cost of your inverter and panels and the cost of renewable energy in the home climbs.

They also have limited storage capacity. If you plan to use your batteries for emergencies only, you shouldn’t face significant issues. Relying solely on your backup batteries will put you in a dilemma if you use more energy than you can store.

There are safety concerns, especially if your system was installed incorrectly. Always pay more for peace of mind with a professional technician.

Now You Know Are Solar Batteries Worth It

You’re the only person who can decide are solar batteries worth it for your household, but they provide a far more efficient alternative to tying your solar system to the grid. You’ll save money by avoiding time-of-use rates and keeping your home warm and well-lit during power outages. The cost of solar batteries is high, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks for your family’s safety and comfort.

Finding ways to add value to your home is critical as a homeowner, especially when refinancing or preparing to sell. Check out more of our Home and Real Estate content for helpful advice and tips to add to your home’s value today!

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