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Dolphin strandings continue, this time at Yucalpetén resort

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Progreso — Tourists discovered a dead dolphin that washed ashore on the beaches of Yucalpetén, in front of the Costa Club del Isstey resort.

It was the 13th dolphin stranding on Yucatan’s Gulf coast since the beginning of 2018. The Marine Mammal Program of Yucatan (PICMMY) tracks these instances in Yucatan.

The last case of a dolphin to wash ashore on this coast was on Nov. 26 in Celestún.

Although traces of human interaction were found on the dolphin’s remains, the cause of death was not determined.

Dolphins are known locally as “bufeos” because of the sound they make. They are mostly visible during early morning hours in summer.

Locally, dolphin species include spotted, bottle-nose, spinner, rough-toothed, and gray or Risso’s dolphin. They tend to follow fishing boats but rarely approach the shore.

Sources: La Jornada Maya, Yucatan Today

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