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El Pinar, ornate pink jewel on Calle 60, will be reception hall

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Mérida, Yucatán — The famous pink mansion known as El Pinar will be remodeled to serve nearby convention guests, local media reported today.

El Pinar, on Calle 60, is opposite the Hyatt Regency and near many other hotel-zone properties, which has seen an increase in business travelers since the new International Convention Center opened in April on the next block north.

The ornate mansion, built in 1915 during the opulent Porfiriato and mirroring the period’s French Renaissance trend, will be used for receptions and social events.

The mansion was originally home to Don Humberto Peón, but after a period of abandonment, it was acquired by Alberto Bulnes Guedea and restored. Years later, Mr. Bulnes sold the property to José Trinidad Molina Castellanos, where it remained a family home even after he died in 2013.

“El Pinar was one of the flagship mansions of those golden years and it is one of the few mansions that remains virtually intact to this day,” according to El Pinar’s website.

For much of the twentieth century, The Pine Grove (its name in English) was abandoned until it was rescued by the Molina family, which is its current owner.

The project contemplates maintaining all the original details of the building, whose construction belongs to the period of the Porfiriato and was erected following the trend of the French Renaissance.

The 5,000-square-meter property has manicured gardens and a five-car garage. The home itself has six bedrooms and six baths, and appears frozen in time, judging from photos of the interior and courtyard (see the slide show above). A grand staircase, stained-glass windows and lushly embellished paneling, moldings and other fittings mark the home as a gracious example of its period.

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