Ellen singles out Mérida vlogger Gwabir on talk show

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Burbank, Calif. — Ellen DeGeneris knows a star when she sees one.

The Meridano vlogger “Gwabir,” who is one is top video bloggers in all of Latin America, happened to have an aisle seat during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show last Tuesday.

Audience members are randomly picked by the host to play a holiday game. Gwabir’s exuberance in the aisles — and maybe his Christmas sweater — got Ellen’s attention during “What’s in the Box,” a “Let’s Make a Deal”-type segment. 

For the record, Gwabir chose Box No. 2, which entitled the audience to Lego products and tickets to the Lego Theme Park.  

Thus, Gabriel Wabi Rueda, which is Gwabir’s real name, became the first Yucatecan Vlogger to be in a foreign television program, reported Sipse. 

Gwabir among Top 10 Vloggeros

Gwabir has been on social media for 10 years and his fans, whom he calls “my beautiful muffins,” are plentiful. His videos are lighthearted and homemade, often recorded from his bedroom. But they’re immensely engaging.

He has recorded over 900 videos, has amassed a following of 507,000 subscribers and has logger more than 78 million views. 

Gwabir’s exuberance got him some airtime on “Ellen.” Photo: YouTube

Digital Trends calls Gwabir one of the 10 most influential Latinos in digital media. 

But Ellen seemed to have no idea who Gwabir was. She just thought he was telegenic enough, and a good enough dancer, to be part of the show. 

On a video called “El Mejor Día de mi Vida!” Gwabir tells his fans how he feels about being on the Ellen show. The host is bilingual, but other than occasional English phrases — “hell to the yes!” and “I love you hardcore” for example — his narrative goes by in very rapid Spanish.

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