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Empty port market place projected to open by Easter 2018

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La Plaza Comercial in Progreso will open by Easter 2018, port officials say. Photo: Punto Medio

Progreso, Yucatán — Brushing aside fears that a white elephant had been built between two piers, the Port Administration (API) has projected that its Commercial Plaza will be open before the 2018 Easter holidays.

The company Ricsa will hold the concession for the market, which has stood empty since they were built in 2015.

API director Raúl Torre Gamboa the market will attract tourists, not just from cruise ships but also from land. The market will have 14 stores, two restaurants, its own parking lot and a roof deck with sweeping views of the piers, beaches and water.

A commercial plaza between Progreso’s two piers has threatened to be another white elephant. Photo: Google

Torre Gamboa explained that this project, which was promoted by the Federal Government, is intended to offer visitors a new place to have fun. Foreigners coming from cruise ships today find limited attractions, he said.

The two-story market will offer various products from local shops and national and foreign franchises, while the restaurant areas will offer varied menus that they say will avoid duplicating what existing restaurants are offering.

The concession holder will pay rent based on a fixed fee plus a sum based on how many cruise ship passengers pass by.

Sources: Punto Medio, Progreso Hoy

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