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Erosion shrinks beaches, threatens homes

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Erosion is dramatic in Telchac Puerto. Photo: Megamedia

Telchac Puerto, Yucatán — At kilometer 32 along the Chicxulub-Telchac Puerto highway, some 15 meters of beach have been lost to erosion, which now threatens several summer properties.

Caretakers of summer houses and condo managers say that until last year, there was a little more than 20 meters of beach — enough to even plan soccer.

But since a breakwater was built nearby, the sea began to “eat” the sand, they told Diario de Yucatán.

About a half hour east of Progreso, Telchac Puerto has about 1,800 inhabitants. Beachfront homes are typically part-time residences.

Erosion has slowly advanced, they explained, and little by little the coast has been left with less sand. Even meter-and-a-half-tall coastal dunes fell victim to the advance of the sea.

At kilometer 11 on the Chicxulub-Uaymitún road, erosion undermined the foundations of several summer properties. Near Telchac Puerto and San Bruno, erosion intensified after some intense weather systems passed through.

In the area of ​​Telchac Puerto, the caretakers say that since two nortes hit, dramatic erosion is visible.

The owners of the affected houses and condominium buildings are reportedly taking measures and hiring experts to carry out work to recover the coastline.

The owners of several summer houses in Uayimutún placed sandbags and other materials in front of their property in a desperate effort to prevent beach erosion from damaging the foundations of their residences.

Source: Diario de Yucatán

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