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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Evolución Animal Calendar is out, and it’s sooooo cute!

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How much cuteness can you cram into one wall calendar?

Here’s how much: 

The Evolución AC Calendar is here.
The Evolución AC Calendar is here.

Buying the Evolución A.C. Calendar, with a minimum donation of $110 pesos, you not only get to enjoy cute images of kids and puppies but, more importantly, you will help care for 210-plus dogs at Evolución’s shelter in San Lorenzo.   

Sales Locations:

  • El Estudio on Paseo Montejo – #486 x 41 y 43 Centro
  • Rodrigo Rodriguez, Yucatan Visa, Ave Colón No. 503 Suite R, Col. García Ginerés,
  • Villa Verde, Calle 56, #468 x 53 y 55, Centro
  • Hennessy’s Irish Pub, Paseo Montejo #486a x 41 y 43, Centro
  • Dolorfin Merida, Calle33a #472 x 54 y 52, Centro   
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