Families evacuated by military rescuers after Cristobal floods homes

A rescuer from the 20th Motorized Cavalry Regiment is waist-deep in flood water in Yaxcabá. Photo: Internet

The Ministry of National Defense helped evacuate 60 families in Yaxcabá whose homes were severely flooded in Tuesday’s storm.

Some residents feared leaving their belongings behind and refused to be directed to an emergency shelter.

Personnel from the 20th Motorized Cavalry Regiment, from the 32nd Military Zone, have provided assistance in cleaning flooded homes, as well as monitoring and touring areas of Merida.

Tecoh City Council and Civil Protection opened the Dr. Conrado Menéndez Mena elementary school to shelter residents whose homes were under water.

The worst floods from Tropical Storm Cristobal have been reported in the south of the state.

The Peto City Council reported that water pumps were used to keep up with at least 30 hours of nonstop rain. Downpours are expected to continue into Thursday.

The storm is 225 km west of Campeche and 358 km southwest of Mérida, moving west at a rate of 6 kmh and winds of 63 kmh. Since it is practically stationary, Cristobal could dump rainfall comparable to Hurricane Isidoro in 2002.

Yucatan’s Civil Protection department, facing the hurricane season that began yesterday, prepared 1,200 temporary shelters for emergencies. The shelters will have mattresses, blankets, food and supplies, along with measures to prevent COVID-19’s spread.

Sources: Por Esto, Sipse

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