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Fatal hit-and-run car is seized, suspect sought

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A black BMW has been linked to a fatal hit-and-run. Photo: Por Esto!

Mérida, Yucatán — The BMW that allegedly hit and killed an expat living at the beach has been seized, according to local media. But its driver is still at large.

As he apparently did most mornings, Lynn McClure, 71, was bicycling June 14 on the Chuburná-Chelem highway when witnesses said a speeding black car struck him and kept going.

McClure and his wife lived in Churbaná Puerto for eight years, according to media reports. He was an avid cyclist who regularly biked on local roads.

Lynn McClure was an avid bicyclist. Photo: Facebook

The Por Esto! tabloid reported that the car was tracked down six days after the tragedy, found in an auto body shop in Las Americas. The state Attorney General’s office impounded the vehicle.

The car was towed to a secure lot for investigation, but the owner has not been located. Police are reportedly looking for a man who is well-known for exporting sea-cucumber to China, although this has not been confirmed.

Friends rallied on the Facebook page of his widow, Ginnie McClure, an expat from Carpinteria, Calif.

“I can say there are few people that had more respect and love than Lynn McClure,” said one friend is a public Facebook post. “There are always people in life that command/demand your respect because of a position they hold. A teacher, a military commander, a government official. Lynn commanded respect and love, just by being Lynn. I can still see his smiling face. He had an impact on people without even knowing it. This community is better because he was part of it. He will always be a part of it.”

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