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Fires destroy wires, interrupting phone and Net service

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Grassland fires have cut phone and Internet service for many across Yucatán. Photo: Telmex

Mérida, Yucatán — Teléfonos de México reports that during the last few weeks, grassland burning has damaged several kilometers of its fiber optic network in different parts of the state.

Farmers often clear fields with controlled fires, but sometimes, the flames aren’t so easily controlled.

Burns that occurred mainly in the South, Center and North – most recently this week in Acanceh and Teabó — have consumed posts and cables in Telmex’s telecommunications network.

As a consequence, during the last three weeks there have been partial interruptions of telephone and Internet services in localities such as Acanceh, Buctzotz, Hunucma, Tetiz, Telchac Puerto and Tzucacab.

Telmex has deployed numerous teams of technicians to restore service as quickly as possible. 

Source: Press release

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