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Florida Boatmaker Builds Big in Kanasín

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Warbird Marine Holdings opens an enormous new production facility in Kanasín. Photo: Courtesy

A Florida company has built Mexico’s most modern boat manufacturing plant in Kanasín, Yucatán.

Warbird Marine Holdings produces and sells high-performance custom fishing boats under the Invincible and Yellowfin brands. The 40,000-square-meter plant represents a private investment of US$50 million and generates 400 direct jobs for the state’s interior communities such as Huhí, Hoctún, Tecoh, Acanceh, and Suma de Hidalgo. 

“The main objective is that jobs would be generated not only in the capital but also reach municipalities in the interior, providing the opportunity to have access to a good job,” said Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal during an inauguration that included United States Consul General Dorothy Ngutter.

Warbird Marine Holdings opens an enormous new production facility in Kanasín. Photo: Courtesy

Warbird Marine Holdings President Thomas Wieners highlighted the advantages of investing in the state, such as its prime location, industrial focus, an emerging and talented workforce, the port of Progreso’s infrastructure and connectivity, favorable security conditions and its cultural wealth.

“From day one, we knew we were in the right place and had professional support,” said Wieners. 

This project began in 2021 with the arrival of the Invincible brand. Warbird has been expanding its facilities in Yucatán ever since. 

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