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Plaza Altabrisa
Photo: Plaza Altabrisa

Art lovers travel from gallery to gallery to catch current exhibits, but sometimes, it’s the art that’s traveling.

The city has established a “traveling museum” to bring art to the public in places like shopping malls and universities.

Merida’s Department of Culture has presented, in the two years of the current administration, more than 30 exhibitions that promote local astists, said José Manuel García Civeira, deputy director of cultural promotion.

The “mobile museum” has exhibited a wide range of collections ranging from paintings to abstract pictures from artists including Carol Acereto, Cristina Tamayo, Enna Novelo, José Góngora Colli, Lilia Cámara, Michael Covián, Roberto Blanco, Stefanie Schikora, Xaron Domínguez and Siloé Yañez.

Up to 24,000 people have stopped to enjoy the art at public spaces such as Plaza Galerias and Gran Plaza. “The Land of the Pheasant and Deer” is on view through September at at the Plaza Altabrisa Mall.

Source: Informat Yucatan

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