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For Brit expats in the Brexit era, Mexico is an option

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Could the Brexit mess across the Atlantic bring more British expats to Mexico?

It’s possible, writes Emigrate, which advises British retirees on living abroad.

“Following in the footsteps of many thousands of U.S. expats, British retirees may find they’ve made the right decision by moving to Mexico,” a recent article states.

Mexico has been the favorite location for expats from the U.S., seeking an easy travel route, favorable cost of living and good weather.

For UK expats, however, there’s no easy drive to Mexico, of course. (Please Google a map for reference, if necessary.)

However, its beach towns might well provide a comfortable haven similar to that in Spain, Italy or southern France, writes Emigrate.

“How-to-do it lists suggest visiting several times in different seasons, as sunny summers can be followed by cool mountain breezes during the winter season and woolly sweaters are often necessary in January, much as they were in European beachside retirement havens. There’s plenty of reputable information online as to the choice of locations, but visiting is the only way to make sure it’s what’s needed. A varied choice of accommodation fulfills all needs, set either in cities with everything on the doorstep or in rural locations suitable for a quiet life,” the story states.

Expats from the U.S. may not always relate to their British neighbors, however.

“The two cultures run parallel on a number of issues, but can be drastically different in others,” writes Emigrate. “Just as in the home country and Europe, it takes time to make real friends.”

Retirees receiving the UK state pension should find a bank with lower fees, but from there, online banking is safe and convenient, according to the piece.

“If everything’s in order, you’ll enjoy your life in Mexico as much as you did in Europe.”

Source: Emigrate.co.uk

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