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6 Windows Features That Save My Life When I Write My Paper for Me

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If you are a student like me, then writing assignments is likely to be your least favorite part. I find them time-consuming and, sometimes, not worth the effort. I shall rather spend a few hours studying the subject, rather than looking for citations and figuring out an essay structure. 

Unfortunately, college without writing assignments is a far-fetched reality. So, we have to make the best of the scenario by finding the right tools to help with the assignments. 

In this article, I am going to tell you what Windows features helped me the most when completing term papers and other writing assignments. 

Find the Right Resources

The first tip is not technically exclusive to Windows users. However, I found that many students are still unaware of the many resources out there for term paper writing. For instance, on many occasions, I would struggle to meet deadlines as I had multiple assignments on the stack, aside from tests to prepare for. 

Amidst getting frustrated looking for research papers, I typed on my search engine, ‘Could anyone write my paper for me‘? And to my surprise, dozens of links popped up. In essence, there are many academic writing platforms that can connect you to experts on your topic who can guide you through the process of writing. 

You can choose to work with them for any part of the essay, be it to get a sample, get your citation done, or even to have a professional edit your paper. This way, you can focus on learning from the paper and delegate the most time-consuming aspects of the assignment. 

Microsoft OneDrive 

When setting up my PC, I had opted for ‘Back up your files with OneDrive.’ The only reasoning behind this was that what if my computer crashes and I am unable to access my files. However, it also turned out to be an extremely useful feature. 

For those unaware, OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud system. It stores all your data on the cloud and not your PC, so you can gain access to them from anywhere by signing in to your OneDrive account. You don’t even need your PC. 

The main advantage is that on multiple occasions, after being so tired of having to write my paper for me, I left my computer in my dorm. And having a OneDrive account allows me to access my word file via my tablet or phone and make quick edits when I have some free time. Additionally, if you are working in a Microsoft word file stored in OneDrive, the autosave option can be enabled.  

You can do this by opening the Word app and going to File > Options > Save. This means that you don’t have to worry about clicking ctrl + S every few seconds to ensure that all your data is saved. 

Task View 

We also tend to have multiple windows and tabs open at the same time, no matter what we are doing. Needless to say, this can make it challenging to find the exact page you are looking for. However, not many know of the Windows 10 feature called the Task view. In fact, this has been around for a while, yet many of us have failed to take advantage of it. 

The Task View offers a quick glance of all tabs open on Windows, so you need not minimize each window to find what you need. To access the Task View, use your Win + Tab button simultaneously. 

Then use your touchpad to navigate and find the task view. Here, you will find the glossary of all apps you need and can choose the one you want to work on. 

Reading View on Microsoft Edge

Well, let’s agree. Microsoft Edge doesn’t have the best reputation among internet browsers. But it does have some really cool features. For instance, I prefer to use Microsoft Edge when trying to locate information when I need to write my paper for me. And when I find a source that I wish to read, I turn on the ‘Reading View.’ 

This eliminates all distractions on the screen, such as advertisements, banners, and even sidebars. You will only see the text. This can be incredibly helpful if you often find yourself distracted when working on college papers. As I often tend to divert my attention to other matters, this feature is very useful for me. 



As you might already know, Cortana is the virtual assistant of Microsoft. Although it might not be as great as its counterparts, Cortana can also be useful for someone who prefers using virtual assistants like me. 

You can activate the option by speaking ‘Hey Cortana,’ but if it’s the first time, you might have to set up the option though and set it to detect your voice. Cortana can help you find the files and applications within your device. It can also be of great help when browsing the web for your college paper resources. 

Windows Apps

Lastly, I also like the fact that Windows now gives users access to many apps developed by third-party providers. I have found some really cool productivity apps such as Slack, Trello, and more that allow me to organize my assignments and write my paper for me fast. These are also lifesavers when I am part of a group assignment, so all of us can keep tabs on who is doing which part of the project. 

I also rely on OneNote for keeping my notes organized and tidied on my computer. You can also try plugins that work best with Microsoft Edge or, if you prefer, Google Chrome. I also use tools such as Grammarly that can easily pick up the errors in my writing. This is available as a browser extension or as a separate app. It would be smart to visit the Windows app store to see if you come across any new apps that would be of use to you as a student. 

Wrapping Up

As you can see, these tools are helpful for all students, no matter their study area. The latest Windows updates are designed with young users in mind. Also, I find my Windows laptop to be the ultimate tool for all students. 

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