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High-tech convention center will include a natural cenote

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A cenote on the grounds of Yucatan’s new convention center is being restored. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — The “Centro Internacional de Congresos de Yucatán, Powered by Samsung” so named recently under an agreement with the South Korean conglomerate, isn’t all high tech.

The convention center will also invite visitors to explore a piece of nature: the cenote that exists on the site.

When officials first surveyed the grounds of the state’s new convention center in 2015, they found a natural sinkhole that they decided to restore and integrate with the compound, due to open at the end of this year.

Right now, the water feature resembles a swamp, filled with sediment, branches, logs and trash. When cleared, the cenote will be christened “Toh.”

The project preserves fish life as well as the  proliferation of plants such as orchids, reports Sipse.

The alliance with Samsung provides air conditioning, monitors, display equipment and wireless networks, bringing a 40 percent savings in equipment maintenance and energy consumption.

Samsung promises technology, branding and promotional support to the state-funded convention center under the agreement. Financial details of the alliance were not disclosed.

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