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‘Pony cars’ reclaim Plaza Grande

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horse buggies merida
Horses are protected from intense afternoon sun with umbrellas during an event at the Plaza Grande. Photo: Diario de Yucatán

Local caleseros left their former whereabouts north of the Cathedral yesterday and moved to the Plaza Grande, where they will now await tourists looking for a horse-and-carriage ride.

Drivers told Diario de Yucatán that the new location will shield the horses from glare of the sun.

Buggies will be parked to avoid the elements, either in front of the cathedral or in front of the Municipal Palace.

Drivers point out that carriages historically idled alongside Plaza Grande before being displaced by automobiles. The change is part of a union agreement with the city.

Abraham Pech Moreno told Diario de Yucatan that business has been good. Photo: Diario
Abraham Pech Moreno and his mare, Soledad. Photo: Diario de Yucatan

Another deal between drivers and the city involves education. Sixteen drivers last month completed English-language courses to help interact with foreign tourists. The city expects caleseros to point out attractions to passengers as they ride by.

Tourist rides offered by coches de caballito, or “pony cars” as they are called, last 45 minutes to an hour. They start from the Plaza Grande and head up Cale 60 to Santa Ana and the Paseo de Montejo, then up to the Monumento a la Patria, and back via Calle 62.

Carriages fit up to four passengers and charge about 300 pesos for a ride.

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