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House Hunters International alert: Mexico City tonight for U.S. viewers

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Jeremy Albelda, a travel blogger based for the time being in Mexico City, will be featured on “House Hunters International.” Photo: Facebook

Travel blogger Jeremy Albelda left the Philadelphia Main Line years ago, and these days he’s living the “financial freedom” life that he advocates on his travel blog.

“House Hunters International” will follow him tonight (Friday, Dec. 15) on U.S. HGTV channels as he searches for a home, or at least pretends to. The reality show dramatizes a home search with people who recently bought a home.

Albelda “has been all over the world, and now he’s ready to put down roots in Mexico City,” reads the HGTV programming note. “He’s narrowed his focus to two neighborhoods and has high expectations, but he’s realizing that it will be difficult to get everything he wants at a decent price. Luckily he has the help of a friend and fellow travel blogger to help him make a sound investment.”

The program, “Cool Vibes in Mexico City,” airs 10:30 p.m. on the East Coast and 9:30 p.m. Central time.

His blog, “The World or Bust,” has articles under several categories including “Food & Drink,” “Tech & Gear” and “Lifestyle.” His corresponding Instagram page has 35,200 followers.

The entire House Hunters franchise is a cable television juggernaut, with over 400 new episodes yearly between all its spinoffs, which also include “Tiny House Hunters” and “House Hunters Off the Grid.”

Twenty-five teams of directors, camera chiefs, sound technicians and local fixers span the world for “House Hunters International.”

Many expats around the world first learned of the place they moved to from an “HHI” episode.

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