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How to draw a crowd: Beer, and more beer at Beer Fest 2018

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Beer Fest 2018 drew over 2,000 attendees, organizers said. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — More than 2,000 beer aficionados converged over the weekend for the third edition of Beer Fest at Hacienda Chenkú.

More than 250 craft beers — local, national and international brands — were on hand.

Hops lovers, between sips, learned about the processes behind a good pint of beer.

The beer festival began in 2016 to promote beer culture on the Peninsula and generate a meeting point for enthusiasts and brewers.

Marcelo Eggers, one of the organizers of the event, told La Jornada Maya that craft beer is gaining ground in the city, and thanks to that, the event has been growing year after year. He also hopes that the festival will consolidate as a benchmark in the region that attracts tourism.

Once again, the event featured a “Beer Lab” module, in which attendees could observe and be part of the production of craft beer in all its stages: grinding, maceration, cooking, fermentation and bottling. All of it was done live under the supervision of experienced brewmasters.

The April heat encouraged visitors to sample some cold brews, although some groused that in addition to the 150-peso ticket price, some tastings (small glasses of about 20 milliliters), cost another 25 pesos.

Still the Beer Fest appeared well received by the public. Organizers counted 2,000 attendees, which is a record.

Culinary offerings were also varied, coming from La Bierhaus, Querreke and Maíz de lo Alto. Even vegetarian snacks and esquites were offered.

A reporter observed that the event never became a “cantina.” Attendees drank in moderation and seemed genuinely interested in learning more about the world of craft beer.

Source: La Jornada Maya

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