How to organize an Easter tea party

With the upcoming of Easter, there is also a good opportunity to get away from your busy schedule and spend time with friends and family. This could be a good excuse to organize a tea party and spend a few hours in good company. However, organizing a tea party is not easy since you must pay attention to many small details such as the set-up, menu, invitations and possible activities to do with friends and family.

The organization

An Easter tea party, like any other respectable event, must be organized with due care. For example, you need to send out invitations early enough so that guests can decide and confirm their participation.

Also, it is advisable to indicate 4:45 p.m. as the arrival time so that the party can start, as tradition dictates, at 5 p.m. sharp even in case of latecomers.

Of course, it is important to have everything ready in advance, so that when guests arrive, they can be welcomed in a festive and organized environment; the only task to be left to the end is the preparation of the hot water, to prevent it from getting cold while waiting. 

An excellent idea would be to buy small gifts for guests, especially Venchi chocolate eggs, such as those that can be found here, to stay perfectly in theme with Easter. Thanks to its extended collection of Easter chocolate products, the Italian brand can bring a touch of joy to every guest. 

The setting up

To organize a perfect Easter tea party, it is best to choose a set-up with the typical colors of the spring season. For example, you can opt for different shades of green, which express joy and give a cheerful touch to the table, recalling grass. You can then add touches of color by choosing bright hues such as yellow, orange or pink and fuchsia for accessories. The latter should recall Easter, so it is good to place flowers and colored eggs scattered here and there.


Certainly, tea plays a central role in the tea party, and as such, it’s important to select suitable blends to offer guests the option to choose their preferred one. In the afternoon, a commonly enjoyed and recommended choice is black tea, especially when infused with bergamot for added flavor. However, for those who prefer milder tastes, more delicate blends like white tea or green tea could be a preferable alternative.

But how is it prepared? Tradition has it that the filter of the teapot should be filled with about 3 grams of leaf tea, while hot water should be added only later in the cup. Also, it should always be the host who serves the guests.

The menu

Tea cannot be served without some accompanying snacks, whether sweet or savory. There are several traditional Easter recipes from around the world that can be served along with tea, such as the Hot Cross Buns typical of the United Kingdom, which are small sandwiches stuffed with raisins and chocolate chips, or hard-boiled eggs and muffins of any kind. 

In every instance, it is courteous to take into account the dietary requirements and intolerances of each guest, including the provision of vegan or gluten-free food options.

The activities

A tea party can also be an opportunity to play and have fun together. There are many activities to organize, such as a classic egg hunt or a special pictionary. Alternatively, you can make tea masks and turn your home into a beauty salon.

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