How to start earning money with the Spanish language

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Today we will get a brief overview of how you can utilize your skills as a native Spanish speaker. Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to earn money with your language. 

In our post, we’ll emphasize the most popular ways that actually work and can provide you with a substantial income. Your Spanish language skills can become your profession, so let’s learn how.

The Spanish language is in demand (yes, more than you think)

Guess what? The Spanish language is the third most popular and widespread language on the planet Earth. This fundamental fact underlines the power of this language. 

Since there are so many people speaking this language, it’s becoming more and more evident that people around the world want to learn it, so they wouldn’t miss the opportunity to communicate with Spanish-speaking people. 

The audience varies. Travelers, diplomats, and analytics worldwide learn or plan to learn Spanish. That power the Spanish language-related market that you can fit in to earn money on your native language skills.

What are the best ways of earning money with languages?

First and foremost, we’d like to highlight how convenient it is nowadays to earn money with languages. A laptop and a stable internet connection will make it. 

Yeah, these two essential elements are the tools that will help you put your skills to work.

We’ve prepared five money-earning options for Spanish-speaking people and ranked them from 1 to 5. Things like complexity and possible income scaling affected the ranks of each opportunity that you can take.

 Let’s cut to the chase and see what we’ve got there.

1. Become a tutor on Preply and teach Spanish online

It’s 2019, and you don’t need a degree to teach. You can do it online and find Spanish tutoring jobs with the best hourly rate. 

Basically, you can grab your laptop, turn on the web camera, and teach Spanish online to students around the world. 

The overall profitability of this idea can be easily calculated. Depending on the number of students and an hourly rate, you will get a bigger paycheck. 

One of the reasons why this is the best option for any Spanish-speaking person is the flexibility of your working schedule. 

When you’re an online tutor, it’s you who decide how many hours per day, and per week you work. 

That’s what freelance tutoring is about, so if you feel confident that you can convey your knowledge and Spanish language skills — you’re in for a big treat. 

2. Become a translator

This work can be less profitable but can be more convenient for shy people. If you cannot be a tutor and communicate with your students, you may find it easier to be a Spanish translator. 

Keeping in mind that English is the second most popular language in the world and Spanish is the third, the number of essays and articles that you can translate is close to infinite.

First, determine whether you’re into fiction or non-fiction translation, then simply look for local translating opportunities or search online for translator career opportunities.

3. Give guided tours to Spanish-speaking people

You shouldn’t necessarily be born in the location to know it’s history and sightseeings well. Local guided tours are trendy in every country and city in the world. 

While the nomad lifestyle is becoming more trendy, people tend to travel a lot. Like… A LOT. 

The millennial generation is the most open-minded in history and is ready to grab every travel-opportunity they get. 

So the formula is simple. Learn more about the sightseeings of the region you live in, dig into the history of the local neighborhoods, find hidden historical gems in the library, and online. 

After that, become a guide for Spanish-speaking people visiting your city.

That’s not just profitable, but also quite interesting and exciting.

4. Becoming a copywriter

This job can be quite profitable, but it is way more complicated than the other options on top of the list. The reason is simple. You can know Spanish grammar and make no mistakes in written Spanish. 

However, you still need to have that writing style and be able to write consistently. 

Preparing articles and developing content plans for online resources requires you to be well-educated in marketing and SEO.

And if we’re talking about user-interface texts, you’ve got to know how to write short and right on point. 

If you know you can succeed in this and you do have the writing style, this can be an excellent chance for you to start a freelance-copywriter career and earn money with your Spanish texts. 

Don’t hesitate, grab a test assignment online, and check what you’re capable of.

5. Provide proofreading services

Let’s say it’s something between a copywriter and a translator. You’ve got to know grammar, and you definitely need to understand how well-written texts are crafted. 

A proper Spanish proofreader has to correct grammar mistakes and make sure the text is consistent. 

It will be your responsibility to ensure that the text has the appropriate style while conveying the required message to the readers. 

It’s a fun job if you really like grammar and truly ‘clean’ texts.

The reason why we ranked this option so low is that some people may find it really boring. However, the money is actually good.

Ready to educate people around the world and earn money?

When we said that the Spanish language is in demand — we meant it. The number of students that want to learn is enormous, and the trend only goes upward. 

It’s up to you to decide which way will work for you and how you want to earn money with languages. 

We only want to emphasize that now you have not one, not two, but five options that can provide you with a stable income. And if you’re not sure what will work best for you, you can always try them one-by-one and review your results. 

Trust us, one of these opportunities will become your golden ticket to earning with the Spanish language. 

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