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IMSS hospital director resigns after patients turned away

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The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) officially announced the resignation of Dr. Carlos Felipe Sarzo Moreno as director of the Benito Juárez García hospital, where patients have been turned away.

The announcement came hours after the institution admitted that the Garcia Gineres hospital was saturated with COVID-19 patients. The resignation takes effect July 16.

Dr. Wilberth Alejandro Mena Gil, an emergency physician who served as the night shift medical coordinator, will manage the hospital in Sarzo Moreno’s place. The reason for the resignation is not disclosed.

Local media reported that the IMSS hospital had closed its doors to new patients, whether or not they were infected with COVID-19. An ambulance and two state police vehicles were kept at bay while patients’ condition deteriorated, reported Diario de Yucatan. The hospital later said it had freed up additional beds for future patients.

IMSS continues to insist that enough hospital beds exist to attend to patients during the coronavirus pandemic. A lack of space would possibly bring about a return to Yucatan’s economic shutdown.

IMSS said it intends to follow its zero-rejection policy to any patient who requires emergency care.

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