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In 6 months, U.S. deports nearly 300 immigrants to Yucatan

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The Mexican government reported 297 people — 285 men and 12 women — were forced to return to Yucatan in the first half of 2019 as the U.S. cracks down on immigrants.

That is nearly the grand total for all 2018, when 384 were forced to return to Yucatan.

May was the busiest month for immigration officials, with 88 deportations. January was slowest, with 24, according to the Migration Atlas, published by Segob.

Oxkutzcab, Merida, Tekax, Akil and Peto are home for the largest number of deportees in the first six months of this year. The migrants were sent home when they were unable to present documents to prove they were in the U.S. legally.

Nearly 40 percent of the entity’s 106 municipalities saw at least one resident deported in 2018. Of Yucatan’s neighboring states, Campeche had even more returnees, with 381; Quintana Roo had fewer, with 203.

Baja California received the most returning migrants this year, with 33,710 sent home between January and June. The entity with fewest deportees is Baja California Sur, with only 79 cases so far this year.

The Bank of Mexico reported a slight drop in remittances from the United States. Yucatan represents only 0.61% of all of Mexico’s flow of money from north of the border.

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