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In 91 days, 500 coronavirus deaths in Yucatan

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Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal inspects the second floor of the ISSSTE Regional Hospital in Merida, which has been converted to specialize in coronavirus treatment. Patients have not yet been assigned beds in the ward. Photo: Courtesy

Thirteen more coronavirus patients died — the fourth straight day with the exact same number — while 125 new infections were reported by Yucatan health authorities in the past 24 hours.

An additional 130 cases were also added to the official caseload after missing IMSS data was accounted for, bringing to 4,886 the number of COVID-19 cases in Yucatan since the first death was reported 91 days ago. Nearly 69% of the patients have recovered while 10.25% have perished.

Of the combined 255 cases today, 155 of them are from Mérida; 17 from Umán; 10 from Kanasín; eight from Ticul; seven each from Izamal and Valladolid; six from Temozón; five each from Progreso and Tixkokob, four from Tekax and from abroad; two each from Baca, Cansahcab, Halachó, Muna, Tahmek, Tecoh, Xocchel and Yaxcabá, and one eachin Acanceh, Akil, Conkal, Dzemul, Huhí, Hunucmá, Mama, Maní, Maxcanú, Suma and Tixpéhual.

That leaves 743 current patients in stable condition and at home under quarantine. The other 274 were hospitalized, two fewer than the day before. Patients range in age from one month to 97 years.

The youngest to perish was a 42-year-old Merida man with obesity while an 81-year-old Merida man, who already had heart disease, was the oldest. The average age of the deceased was 56.5.

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