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‘Intelligent’ traffic lights designed to reduce time spent on roads

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“Intelligent” traffic lights with signals for pedestrians are being installed throughout Mérida. Photo: Contributed

Over 1,100 traffic lights will by synchronized with “cutting-edge technology” to ease traffic congestion in Mérida, state and city officials said.

In addition, 2,646 pedestrian/cyclist lights will also be installed at 307 intersections to guide people crossing roads on foot or on two wheels.

Cameras and Doppler radar will deliver information to a state-police control room, where traffic flow issues will be handled. Emergency vehicles, walkers and cyclists will find it easier to integrate with motor vehicles, according to authorities. The project has a 441-million-peso budget.

Proponents claim that the system contributes to Yucatán’s stated goal of sustainable development. It reduces up to 30% of emissions by minimizing wait time and reduces travel time by as much as 40%, according to local media.

The plan is part of a larger infrastructure plan to accommodate the city’s rapid growth.

From 2010 to 2019, Mérida’s population increased by 25% and the number of vehicles on the road is up 45%. Traffic on the Periférico has doubled and is one of the country’s most dangerous.

From 2015: Can intelligent lights ease traffic congestion?

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