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La68 cultural center reopens with new owner, fresh vision

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More than four years after shutting its doors, La68 returns this week with a fresh coat of paint and a new owner.

The cultural center will operate in the same location, on Calle 68 between 55 and 57, said its new proprietor, Daniela Camacho. The iconic building, previously painted in colorful stripes, had been on the market positioned as a private home.

But now it has been restored as a combination art center, open-air cinema and coffee shop, which this time will be vegan. La68 originally opened in 2008 as La Casa de la Cultura Elena Poniatowska under the direction of the famous writer’s daughter, Paula Haro Poniatowska.

But it closed in December 2015, citing financial pressures. It was sad news for the community after offering a steady schedule of arthouse films and activities, often aimed at school children.

The reopening celebration is 7 p.m. Thursday, and includes an exhibition from sound artist Christian Sánchez in collaboration with Estudio Visual Escarabajo.

After that, a four-part seminar on contemporary cinema begins March 7. Author and artist talks, recitals, open microphone events and reading activities for children and young people are also planned.

Sources: La Jornada Maya, Yucatan Today

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