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Lab worker burned by attacker crying ‘you are contaminating us!’

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A lab worker’s scalp was burned in a chemical attack near her lab. Photo: Facebook

Yelling “you are contaminating us!” a maintenance worker threw chlorine at a Merida lab worker, burning the victim’s face and scalp.

The attacker, described as an elderly woman who was cleaning a nearby emergency exit, apparently thought the scientist was a health-care worker, many of whom have been scorned or assaulted since coronavirus contingencies began. Laws have been passed to punish crimes against medical professionals with fines and jail time.

The lab worker, Elizabeth Pino, is a pharmacologist chemist who works at an unnamed lab in Merida.

The chlorine, according to the victim, burned part of her scalp, causing burning and itching.

“I can’t believe how far we’ve gone,” Pino said on Facebook, declaring she felt sad, angry and powerless.

“I’ll just say something, ma’am … Thank you. Today it was me, tomorrow I hope it’s not you,” the chemist said on social media.

Source: LectorMx

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