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Law would force men in Yucatán to help with chores and parenting

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Dafne López Osorio. Photo: Twitter

Husbands and fathers in Yucatán will be forced to do domestic chores and comply with their share of rearing children under a proposal before the legislature.

The initiative to reform the Law for Equality between Men and Women was presented by the PAN lawmaker Dafne López Osorio.

“Cleaning the house is not the task of one gender, nor is it cooking, dressing the girls and boys, taking them to school, or educating them. On the contrary, these tasks must be distributed fairly and equitably among those in charge to ensure the well-being of dependent people within the home,” said López Osorio.

Men could get out of helping with housework only if they live elsewhere.

López Osorio added that the proposal also establishes that the state and municipal governments must establish policies leading to achieving substantive economic, political, social and cultural, civil, and educational equality, as well as equal justice and security.

“Public policies must contemplate, at least, measures that encourage and promote co-responsibility at work and in the personal and family life of women and men,” declared López Osorio.

Source: Sipse

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