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Leones blank Pirates on Liddi’s 7th-inning single

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The Leones swept the Piratas in Saturday’s doubleheader in Campeche. Photo: Leones

Ciudad Campeche, Campeche — The second game in Saturday’s doubleheader against the Pirates began the Leones’ winning streak. That is, if two wins can count as a streak.

Alex Liddi hit a run-scoring single in the seventh as the Leones de Yucatan won 1-0 win over the Piratas de Campeche. In the earlier game of the day, Yucatan eked out a 5-4 victory at Nelson Barrera Romellon Stadium.

Francisco Hernandez scored on Liddi’s play after he reached base with a single and stole second.

Nineteen-year-old rookie Jonas Garibay held the Pirates scoreless for four innings, while Enrique Burgos (2-0) got the win with a scoreless inning in relief and Josh Lueke struck out three. Miguel Mejia (1-3) took the loss in the seven-inning match.

The Piratas were blanked for the fourth time this season, while the Leones’ staff recorded their sixth shutout of the year.

The final game of the series is 4 p.m. today (Sunday) with José Samayoa (7-3, 3.64 ERA) facing Héctor Galván (1-3, 5.61 ERA) on the mound. The actions can be followed live on La Comadre 98.5, SIPSE TV and the internetv digital platform.

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Win: Burgos (2-0)

Loss: Mejía (1-3)

SV: Lueke (17) for YUC

HR: None

Sources: The Associated Press, Leones

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