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MACAY brings art outdoors

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Paseo Verde
The CEO of the Metropolitan Coordinating Yucatán (Comey), Pablo Gamboa Miner, visits the Paseo Verde.

Merida, Yucatan  Art supplied by the Fernando García Ponce-MACAY Museum will blend with nature along the Paseo Verde linear park this week.

A total of 17 works from the exhibit “Nature and Culture” will be installed, said  Pablo Gamboa Miner, the director general of the Metropolitan Coordination of Planning (Comey).

A reception to inaugurate the exhibit is planned 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 26 at the Esplanade Park on Calle 26th by 73 and 75 in Fracc.Villa Magna. The art will remain until November.

“I thank the MACAY Foundation for joining forces with COMEY and for the arrival of the 17 sculptures at the Paseo Verde,” said Pablo Gamboa.

The works to be exhibited include “Auto,” by Paul Huff; “Allegory of Nature,” by Hugo Archimedes; “Atemporals,” by Alfred Kurtz; “Universal Portrait,” by Juan Martínez Lax; “Corn Trangénico,” by Marco Palma; “Tears of Moctezuma” by Alexander Seixas; “Nature Protected 8m3, City Park” by Angelika Summa; “Chimera” by Ernesto Teran; “Tree” by Mariana Vassileva; “The Whale”  by Ricardo Junco; “Promotion of Wind” by Adam Paredes;”Cenote Shuttle” by Pablo Vargas Lugo; “Observation Platform 2” by Jason Hughes; “Dream of Freedom” by Gladys Diaz; “Dice”; “Cock-Hen” by Virginia Ayala and “Merida” Sham Foom.

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