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Man reportedly held in stabbing death of wife in Centro

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Photo: Punto Medio

Merida, Yucatan — A man was reportedly in police custody following the stabbing death of a woman of either Canadian or French origin living on Calle 69.

The expat, whose home was between Calle 74 and 76, died of her wounds Sunday afternoon after her husband reported the incident to a nearby shop owner. The man was said to have had blood stains on his clothing at the time.

Sipse reported the victim was approximately 75 years old. That report stated that police found her dead, covered with a sheet on the living room sofa, after an emergency call from neighbors.

The news report listed only first names of the couple. YEL will await police verification before reporting their identities.

The suspect told authorities that he does not remember anything about what happened; and apparently suffers from mental illness, Sipse reported. The couple reportedly routinely stayed in Merida.

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