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Saturday, September 24, 2022

No more mandatory face masks, with few exceptions, by Monday

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Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht

After two and-a-half years, Yucatán is ready to make face masks voluntary in most places.

Given the reduction in the number of infections and deaths from COVID-19, the Ministry of Health reported that starting Monday, face masks will be voluntary, with the exception of hospitals, health centers, and public transportation.

Daily cases have most recently dipped below five. Deaths are now routinely at zero in the state’s 24-hour report.

On May 12, face masks were deemed no longer required in open spaces.

However, it is recommended, as a preventive measure, to continue with this measure in older adults or people with comorbidities that put their health or symptoms of a respiratory disease at risk.

The epidemiological traffic light system, which ranged from green to red to indicate health risk levels, was also abandoned.

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