Marchers will demand tougher punishment for animal abuse

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Civic groups and activists will join forces Sunday to publicly demand authorities get tougher with people found guilty of abusing animals.

The march, which will be held under health safety measures, begins 8:30 a.m. at Parque de la Paz on Avenida Itzaes and will wind its way through Santiago to the Government Palace.

Raúl Argáez, of Red Animal Yucatán, explained the demonstration will coincide with a nationwide movement called Seres Sintientes, in which the Un Millón de Esperanzas association also participates.

Three initiatives face lawmakers in Yucatan: The renewal of the Wildlife Protection Law, the creation of a special prosecutor’s office for animal abuse, and office another to eradicate animal trafficking.

The State Attorney General’s Office has “tremendously” neglected the problem even when evidence exists to prosecute a case, Argáez told local media.

He cited the case of an octogenarian in Tekax who was cited but never turned up before authorities.

“People from the prosecutor’s office say they can’t find him, but many people have seen him wandering the streets of the municipality,” Argáez said.

Since July cases of animal abuse have increased in the state, especially in Mérida, where poisoning incidents are increasingly common, he said.

He said abusers are taking out their frustrations — particularly related to the pandemic — on helpless animals.

Along with animal abuse, awareness of the importance of eradicating these practices has also grown, he said. Social media has been an important tool among animal-rights activists, he added.

Source: La Jornada Maya

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