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Maya Web browser coming soon

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mozilla-mexicoWeb browsers with commands and menus in Spanish or English are about to be joined with versions to reach indigenous netizens who prefer to communicate in their native tongue.

Mozilla Firefox browser developers in Mexico have launched the beta version of popular, open-source software translated into 22 Mexican indigenous languages, as well as four others from the rest of Latin America, TV Notas reported.

The browsers, produced with help from members of many indigenous communities, should be available soon in indigenous-heavy states including Yucatán, Puebla and Chiapas.

If a viewer’s copy of Firefox is already set up in Spanish, it is possible to download the indigenous version or to reach out to the official project site at Mozilla Mexico.

The programmers recognize the importance of promoting the use of native languages, and of increasing their Internet presence.​

The move towards indigenous inclusion comes only a few weeks after the Mexican National Commission on Human Rights  found that indigenous peoples in the country are still victims of human rights violations because of discrimination, inequality and poverty, noted Telesur.

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