Mayan Train suspension upheld by Mérida court

A map shows the path of a government-proposed train line that goes through Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Source: Maps4News via AP

The so-called Mayan Train is still in limbo after a judge upheld a ruling Friday that put construction on pause.

Section 5, a critical stretch of track between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, has been criticized for endangering the environment.

A Mérida court upheld its suspension after being challenged by Fonatur, the federal agency in charge of the massive project.

The federal court confirmed the provisional suspension of construction due to the lack of an Environmental Impact Statement.

The magistrates of the Collegiate Court on Labor and Administrative Matters of Yucatan declared arguments of the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) as unfounded after they sought to reverse the suspension that was ordered last month.

In April, Judge Fernando Novelo of the First District Court of Mérida sided with a civil group against the project. Later that month, Fonatur lost an appeal after it was determined that the project did not have the authorization to move forward.

Another challenge to the ruling was promptly filed.

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