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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Pedro Tec returns with 2022 calendar to support the Mayas Eternos foundation

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Introducing the Los Mayas Eternos A.C 2022 calendar. Photo: Courtesy

An artist-photographer’s nonprofit foundation dedicated to bringing aid to the residents of various pueblos is offering a new calendar to raise funds in 2022.

Los Mayas Eternos A.C. — of which Yucatán Magazine is a sponsor — is starting its annual sale of calendars depicting Maya people from the lens of Pedro Tec, an indigenous photographer.

Los Mayas Eternos has been working in Mayan communities for a year helping with food, clothing, shoes, medicines, oral health and children with cancer.

The calendar’s haunting surreal images tell the story of when Pedro had visions of his ancestors in dreams, in which he was contacted by ancient spirits who guided him through visions to look at the current Maya.

Buying this calendar helps Los Mayas Eternos continue their work in Maya communities. The calendar is 650 pesos;
signed, 750 pesos. International shipping 150 additional.
Paypal accepted. Contact peterajaw@yahoo.com or call 999-997-2774.

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