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‘Mérida, Capital Americana de la Cultura’ programs exceed expectations

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“Voces del Tiempo” raised the opening curtain for “Merida, American Capital of Culture.” Photo: Courtesy

Attendance has exceeded expectations at the various “Mérida, American Capital of Culture” offerings. For the Festival de las Luces alone, 150,000 visitors followed the lights.

“We are happy because in the first trimester, even when we are already in the middle of the fourth month, we have received positive feedback from people about programming,” said Erica Millet Corona, executive director of Capital Americana de la Cultura.

The program, which reflects the city’s standing as this year’s “capital,” is intended to celebrate the diversity of the Americas, offering unique shows that honor the roots of both Mexico and Yucatán.

FILUX “Lunar Bubbles” at the Plaza Grande were part of a three-day light show. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida was chosen over many other capital cities across Latin America for the honor. It is the only city since the program’s beginning to make the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals’ list twice. 

Music, theater and exhibitions are some artistic manifestations that have been seen throughout the first three months of the year. It began with “Voces del Tiempo,” which the company Ilai offered in the Esplanade of the Cathedral. The show may have an encore at the close of the year.

Another attractive event was “Per Te” by the company Finzi Pasca, which managed to summon 5,000 viewers at the Teatro Peón Contreras in the second half of January.

A spectacular called “Per Te” is part of the Capital of Culture program in 2017.

But without a doubt, an unprecedented success in the city, was the International Festival of Lights (FILUX), which attracted 150,000 people from March 23 to 26.

“We were surprised ourselves,” Millet Corona said.

The recital by baritone Pedro Carrillo, the Jazz Festival in Parque Santa Ana, the performance of the ensemble Strunz and Farah, the bossanova presentation by Paula Morelenbaum, the countertenor concert of Mexico and the cinema spectacle “Ada-Ava” are some events that have been enjoyed under the seal of Merida, Capital Americana de la Cultura

Of these shows, with the exception of FILUX and the inaugural show, the biggest hits have been the Jazz Festival, with more than 3,000 people in two nights; “Per Te,” with more than 5,000 people between Jan. 12 and 16, and “Ada-Ava” which brought more than 3,200 people in seven functions.

Filux, which comprised several shows from Santa Ana to the Plaza Grande, was an undeniable benefit for the entire City Center was great publicity for Mérida’s public spaces as well as area restaurants, shops and bars.

“Many told us they had more visitors in those days than they had in a whole month,” said Millet Corona.

Source: Diario de Yucatán

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