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‘Mérida in 5 Days’ watercolor artists to meet for 20th year

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Plein air painting at Hacienda Santa Cruz. Photo: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — A dozen watercolor artists will gather for a week of plein air painting in various locations.

“Mérida in 5 Days” starts Sunday, Feb. 10 when the plein air artists meet for dinner and finalize locations. They begin painting the next five days.

After taking a day to frame their work, they will hold an art show and party on Sunday, Feb 17. Their creative output will be for sale.

This has been an annual event for 20 years.

In the past, they have set up easels at Santiago Park, the Mayapan archaeological site, the general cemetery, a beach in Progreso and at Hacienda Santa Cruz.

And the work they create will be offered for sale.

Locations will be announced later.

Painters of all levels are welcome to participate. The fee to join is 3,000 pesos, which includes some meals and frames. For details, call Carolina at 999-101-6051.

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