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Merida offers public spaces to artists around the world

Call will contribute both to the promotion of the city and to its positioning as an avant-garde destination, says Mayor Renán Barrera

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With the backing of consular officials, the Merida City Council cast a global net for its First International Public Art Contest in Roundabouts and Public Spaces.

The contest will promote the capital and position it as an avant-garde city, said Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

City officials met yesterday at City Hall boardroom with consuls representing France, Mario Ancona Teigell; Belize, Miguel Alfredo Dutton Delome; Cuba, Barbara Nancy González Suárez, and the United States of America, Courtney A. Beale. Ignacio Ponce Manzanilla also attended, representing the Luxembourg consul, José Luis Ponce García.

The municipal president stressed that the purpose of the call will end up beautifying different points in Merida.

“Merida’s international prestige also contributes to a greater number of international artists,” he said.

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