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Hundreds line up for free trees

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merida trees
Citizens lined up to sign for free trees. Photo: City

The city reports “excelente” turnout Sunday at the Plaza Grande and two other parks for a free-tree giveaway.

An effort to promote the reforestation of a cement-ladenMérida, workers promised 1,000 trees to city residents who filled out an application.

Sponsored by the city’s Department of Environmental Preservation and Conservation, tables were set up in Plaza Grande, Parque Santa Lucia and Parque de la Madre.

The trees are being supplied from local nurseries. Varieties were chosen for their deep roots, as to not upend sidewalks or pavers.

While 500 were advertised as available for “adoption,” the city said today that 1,000 various trees were claimed.


Along the streets of the Centro, expats have favored low-maintenance black calabash trees.


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