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Merida Fest kicks off, celebrating 477 years as a city

A procession of troubadours leads audience to stage at Municipal Palace

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MeridaFest celebrates 477 years as a city. Photo: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — Hundreds of costumed troubadours serenaded the city to kick off its 477th anniversary.

Merida Fest began late Saturday and extended past midnight, beginning at Parque Santa Lucia. A procession packed the streets and winded its way to the Municipal Palace, where music continued on a stage under the stars.

Thousands of participants followed along in a tradition that seems to have grown in popularity in recent years.

In this musical festival that every year attracts more people, both locals and visitors enjoyed traditional music from Armando Manzanero, Guty Cárdenas, Pepe Domínguez and Pastor Cervera.

Merida Fest is in its third decade, a tribute to the city’s longevity and culture.

Traditional songs from the repertoire of Yucatan trova, such as “Ella,” “Reina de Reinas” and “Ciudad Blanca,” were performed while the audience sang along.

A pyrotechnic show that bathed the facade of the Municipal Palace in light was the highlight of the celebration.

The night marks the beginning of the Mérida Fest, which lasts until almost the end of the month.

The entire program is posted on the city’s website.

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