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Yucatán shines at massive tourism fair

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The 2016 Tianguis Turístico broke records. Photo: Courtesy
The 2016 Tianguis Turístico broke records. Photo: Courtesy

As the curtain falls on the Mexico Tourism Fair in Guadalajara, Yucatán’s 97-person delegation finally gets to rest after a busy three days of networking with international travel pros.

With new offerings in the segment of adventure and ecotourism, the Yucatán Peninsula caught the interest of thousands of domestic and foreign buyers in the Tianguis Turístico 2016.

Mexico’s most prominent travel trade show is being billed as the largest in its 41-year history: 910 travel service providers, 1,605 buyers and 9,413 visitors from 79 countries were there. A record-breaking 37,000 business appointments were cemented, said the tourism secretariat.

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A modern pavilion has been designed for the upcoming tourism fair in Guadalajara.

During three days of activities, travel entrepreneurs were able to contact buyers from China, Argentina, the United States, Canada and Paraguay, all of whom expressed their interest in learning more about Yucatán as a comprehensive destination to promote and sell back home.

The Yucatecan delegation was made up of 97 people representing 24 hotels including Rosas & Xocolate, Los Aluxes, Ko’ox Hotels, Casa Azul, Casa Lecanda, Wyndham Merida, Mayaland, Itzamaltún, Posadas and Gallery Toledo, Maya Yucatan, HO, Yaxactún, La Mision de Fray Diego, La Mansion Merida on the Park, National Merida, Fiesta Americana, Hyatt Regency, Villa Mercedes and the Holiday Inn. They were accompanied by eight tour operators and trade groups representing the state, and the municipalities of Mérida, Izamal and Valladolid. The port city of Progreso for the first time was featured at the fair as a central beach destination.

In addition, samples of Yucatán’s traditional cuisine were handed out. Cooks from Ticul, Tizimin and Sanahcat were coordinated by Manjar Blanco’s Miriam Peraza and Chef Luis Barocio of Nectar.

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