MID House gives ‘hole in the wall’ a whole new meaning

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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
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Photo: Arijua

Arijua, which opened shop this year as an architecture and interior design firm, transformed a slender Santiago residence into a sleek retreat for relaxing weekends.

MID House has smooth, rounded niches in the adobe style. Partners María González, Alejandro Leal, and Gabriel Fregoso exercised subtlety here.

The kitchen and its two-burner cooktop keep things pared down to the essentials. Photo: Arijua

The walls have natural finishes and the dining room furniture is cedar. The kitchen has a two-burner cooktop and open shelves, keeping the space airy and bright. Off the dining area is a romantic plunge pool to cap off the day.

 Photo: Arijua

A spiral staircase in the corner of the rear terrace elegantly connects the two floors without eating up too much floor space in this tiny pied-à-terre.

Reclaimed objects make for a unique wash basin downstairs. Photo: Arijua

Continuity is everything. Off the bedroom is a festive terrace with the same hand-crafted tiles that were seen in the master bath.

Photo: Arijua

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