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Modern new bus terminal nearly ready to open in Merida’s Centro

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Photo: Sipse

Merida, Yucatan — The new TAME bus terminal is projected to be open to the public by the end of the year, said an ADO official.

The current TAME terminal, at Calle 69 and 68, is considered a “Class 2” operation. The new 120-million-peso facility will be considered “Class 1,” and completely modern, said ADO Regional Manager Eduardo Córdoba Balbuena.

The nearby CAME building, at Calle 70 between 69 and 71, will close permanently once the TAME facility is up and running. Sipse News reported that it will either be converted into new Municipal Police headquarters, or a hotel and shopping complex.

CAME — Central Camionera de Merida — operated for 22 years, but will be consolidated with the TAME, or Terminal Única, Merida’s oldest bus station.

The new three-story TAME terminal replaces a bare-bones complex built in 1971, and will be more tourist friendly. TAME has been in operation for 61 years.

Passenger demand at the TAME spiked in 2018, shooting up 20 percent, according to ADO.

With information from SIPSE

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