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YouTube is a social media platform that lends itself very well to travel blogs. It seems that humans have a near-universal love of travel, but the pandemic has made that prohibitive over the past few years. Therefore, it’s no surprise that YT blogs of this kind have taken off in recent times. Anyone brave enough to venture into foreign countries and report on their doings is liable to become a sensation on this ever-popular platform.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most well-liked and popular channels on the YouTube platform right now. If you want to create a travel blog on YT, you should pay attention to what some of these blogs and bloggers do well. By creating a YT travel blog, you can:

  • Explore the world and meet many exciting new friends
  • Have adventures in exotic settings
  • Make money via sponsorships if you become popular enough to attract companies that like what you’re doing

How Do You Get Started in the YouTube Travel Blog Genre?

Before we talk about some of the most popular travel blogs currently active on YouTube, we should mention that apart from creating compelling travel-based content, you might also choose to use VideosGrow to buy YouTube likes. Likes indicate how popular your channel is, and you can purchase a few of them that should start to attract some organic engagement for your new channel.

Many entities do this, including:

  • New video bloggers who don’t have a very big following yet
  • Influencers who have been active on other platforms, but this is their first appearance on YouTube
  • Celebrities who have transitioned from TV or movies onto social media 

Buying this kind of engagement, especially packages of YT likes, has become normalized in recent years. If you have it in your ad budget to do this, you will find that it’s a foolproof way to develop your YouTube channel successfully. Now, let’s plunge ahead and check out some of the hottest YT travel blogs on the platform today.

Drew Binsky

Anyone who finds success on social media, whether they’re creating the most liked movie accounts on Instagram or the most sought-after travel blogs on YouTube, needs to be authentic and enjoyable to be around. It’s hard to create that connection with viewers, but Drew Binsky seems to be one of those who can do it relatively easily. 

Binsky studied abroad in 2012 in Prague, and he caught the travel bug at that point in his life. He went to Korea to teach English and then hit the road from there in 2015. Since then, he has traveled to an astonishing 150 countries. He has also been featured in such publications as:

  • Huffington Post
  • Lonely Planet
  • GoPro
  • Elite Daily

You’d think that kind of fame might have gone to his head, but Binsky remains very down-to-Earth and a fun guy to spend some time with, even digitally. He wants to visit every country on the planet, and he seems so determined that he just might do it.

The Bucket List Family

You probably know the term “bucket list” by now. It became popularized by a movie featuring older characters who wanted to do various things before they “kicked the bucket.” The Bucket List Family is a clan of fun-loving world travelers who are making sure they have the most exciting life possible. That usually means traveling the globe and experiencing everything that all the hidden pockets have to offer.

The Bucket List Family are the Gees, who sold everything in 2015 and started living abroad, hopping from country to country with their kids in tow. What’s so fascinating about this blog, and probably what makes it so popular, is that you get several different perspectives with it.

You get to see the world through the parents’ eyes, but also through those of their young children. These kids are growing up, not just right in front of you, but also while making connections with individuals literally all over the globe. You’d think this well-rounded perspective should make them fascinating adults when they get older.

Sailing La Vagabonde

This blog features two Australians who love the ocean and wanted to try sailing all around the world. Here’s the kicker: they started doing it without any sailing experience whatsoever. Maybe that sounds borderline suicidal, but so far, this pair is very much alive, and they seem to be having a blast.

Their happiness is contagious, and many individuals who like this blog feel as though they want to try sailing too, even if they lack the fortitude to give up everything to hit the seven seas permanently. This blog is proof that if you inspire enough people to do something, you can very literally change the world. The stars of this show have kindled a love of the ocean in viewers worldwide, and they’ve done a lot for oceanic conservation efforts as well.

Dave and Deb

Dave and Deb are an adventurous couple who have visited more than 100 countries to date. They started the blog by telling their viewers that “adventure is for everyone,” and it’s hard to argue with them. They’ve turned their love of travel into a full-time thrill ride, and Forbes named them two of the world’s most influential people recently.

Dave and Deb’s good-natured banter is part of what makes this blog so enjoyable. They’re not the fittest individuals, nor do they have a ton of money. It goes to show you that if you’re intent on doing something, you can often figure out a way to make it happen. They also take plenty of time during their travels to provide handy tips regarding how you can live a more adventurous life.

Hey Nadine

The “Hey Nadine” YT blog is a master class at making your YouTube channel more relatable. Nadine likes to travel the world and talk about her adventures. She features plenty of destination advice, as well as packing tips, and also warns about potential dangers when visiting certain countries.

Her blog is important to many young travelers who want to start adventuring, but they’re not sure how to do it from a practical standpoint. Her blog is appointment viewing for anyone who wants to travel the globe but doesn’t have very much money or experience.

Wolter’s World

Jocelyn, Mark, and their two kids go all over the world, and they take you along for the ride. They target various countries or cities and try to explain how best to get there and what to bring along. Once they arrive, they attempt to tackle both the most popular tourist activities, but also more out-of-the-way options that you might not be able to find in the average travel guide. 

They try to keep their advice practical so that anyone can follow in their footsteps. Many travelers have learned to watch one of their video adventures regarding a certain city, country, or region before they embark on a similar trip themselves.

What Do These Blogs Have in Common?

If you’re mulling over starting a travel blog yourself, you should notice a few things about all the ones on this list. For example:

  • All the travelers who created these blogs aren’t afraid to take risks
  • They all feature excellent, professional-quality cinematography
  • They were all started by individuals who had relatively normal lives before they decided to make travel blogging their career 

These blogs are proof positive that if you want to make it as a travel blogger, you can do it. However, if you’d prefer to live vicariously through these folks by popping some popcorn and watching them have madcap adventures overseas, that’s perfectly fine too. Travel blogs on YouTube provide entertainment and information to many, and there’s no reason you can’t get in on the fun.

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