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Mother’s Day in Yucatán: Restaurants will be crowded

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Mother’s Day is big business in Mexico. Photo: Flickr

Today is Día de la Madre — Mother’s Day — in Mexico.

And it’s a very big deal in this country. 

It is not an official holiday, so government services continue as usual. But families will still spend time and money today honoring their matriarchs.

Restaurants are expected to be packed, and businesses that cater to the holiday are expected to see a 5 percent improvement in sales over last year, said Juan José Abraham Dáguer, leader of the Mérida Chamber of Commerce.

“This celebration is very important for the dynamism of the local economy,” he told Diario de Yucatán.

The Chamber estimates that the holiday pumps more than 1.5 billion pesos into the economy.

Since starting in 1922, the holiday has taken religious undertones. Images of La Virgen de Guadalupe and Virgin Maria, mother of God, are symbols of the commemoration.

It is also customary to play “Las Mañanitas” for all mothers on this special day.

Where flowers, chocolates or clothes have been traditional gifts, Abraham Dáguer says that more recently a suitable Mother’s Day gift has become kitchen appliances and cell phones.

Whatever the gift, merchants are under the lens of Profeco, the consumer protection agency, which has already suspended two establishments for not posting prices or for illegally restricting promotions, according to Sipse. Merchants cannot mandate minimum purchases in a promotion, under state law. Sales slips cannot automatically add a tip to the final cost.

The agency is on a roll. For the Day of the Child back on April 30, Profeco cited a toy store and an entertainment center in a sweep of city businesses for the same reasons.

Today, agents will inspect gift shops, florists, bakeries and beauty salons. Restaurants will receive special scrutiny today, since a meal with Mom is a typical way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

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