Navigating the Mexican Riviera: Tips for the Perfect Family Vacation

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The Mexican Riviera is a wonderful place for a family vacation. This rich tapestry of stunning beaches, vibrant cities, lush jungles, and soaring mountain peaks, tied together with the magnificent variety that is the Mexican cultural heritage is an amazing place to explore and an ideal destination for families.

From the exciting nightlife of Los Cabos to the glorious surf breaks of Puerto Escondido, the Mexican Riviera encompasses everything from tourist hotspots to hidden gems, and packs an enormous amount of excitement in everywhere you go.

When you cruise to the Mexican Riviera you can choose the family vacation experience you want, from all-inclusive beach resorts to undiscovered towns. Here are some tips to ensure your family vacation to the Mexican Riviera is smooth sailing.

Choose Family-Friendly Destinations

There are great places for families up and down the west coast of Mexico, with plenty of well-known destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Escondido, and Cabo San Lucas that offer activities suitable for all ages. But it is worth exploring a little further to find the best destinations for families.

San Jose del Cabo

The smaller, more relaxed sibling of Cabo San Lucas offers the same beautiful beaches and stunning views as its bigger, brasher relative but without the Spring Break vibes that sometimes overwhelm Cabo San Lucas. If you are after a little more peace and tranquility then San Jose del Cabo is perfect.

San Pancho

If you are stopping off in Puerto Vallarta but want to get away from the larger resorts then head up the coast to the charming beach town of San Pancho. Right on the edge of the jungle, it has a long, pristine beach that is far less crowded than the sands in Puerto Vallarta or Sayulita, and has a cool, laid-back atmosphere that is absolutely charming.

San Agustinillo

If your trip takes you as far as Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca State then it might be worth going a tiny bit further to the small town of San Agustinillo. Away from the surfers of Zicatela, it is the perfect spot for wildlife-loving families, on the edge of a protected lagoon full of monkeys, birds, and crocs. The beach here is also spectacular, and there are a load of excellent, kid-friendly spots to eat as well!

Embrace Mexican Cuisine

Mexican food is incredible, an extraordinarily varied cuisine typified by fresh, vibrant flavors and amazing local produce. It is also big, loud, and brilliantly kid-friendly! Don’t shy away from introducing your kids to the flavors of Mexico by trying local dishes, from fish tacos and cheesy quesadillas to mole and tlayudas. Seafood is, as you might expect, a huge part of the culinary offering on the Mexican Riviera, and everything from shrimp to lobster is lip-smackingly good. Finish off your food journey by diving into the world of Mexican candies and desserts, from churros and hot drinking chocolate to the tamarind-flavored Pulparindos!

Ensure Safety Precautions

Staying safe on a family vacation is of paramount importance, and while the Mexican Riviera is an extremely safe destination to explore, adhering to basic precautions is always crucial. Keep an eye on your family’s health by making sure they stay hydrated and use enough sunscreen, and always follow local safety guidelines. Ensure you keep your kids close in crowded areas, and make sure you know the local emergency numbers and healthcare situation, just in case!

The Mexican Riviera is one of the finest places around to explore as a family. As a destination it offers a wide variety of experiences, allowing you to craft the perfect vacation that suits your family’s style. From gorgeous beaches to stunning wildlife, there’s so much to see on Mexico’s picturesque west coast. 

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