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Net decline in coronavirus patients as Merida gallery donates face masks

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Responding to the coronavirus crisis, SoHo Galleries on Calle 60 made a much-needed donation of face shields to Hospital de Alta Especialidad, where patients with COVID-19 are taken locally. The first 20 shields were delivered this morning by Ivan Rivera Rodriguez to Dr. Jorge Carlos Guillermo Herrera, deputy director of teaching and research.

The donation of the first face shields was facilitated by Fundacion BAI‘s Dr. Carlos Cabrera, who is also working with the Governor on the corona virus response team.  

The face shields were created by Kika Rodrigues, a local fashion designer who is continuing to employ her staff while helping fill the needs of essential front-line health workers.  

It costs 220 pesos to make each face shield. Donations are accepted to help Kika Rodriguez continue her work; she can be reached on WhatsApp at 999-276-9340.

“We will work with Kika to deliver more of the masks you donate to other hospitals as well,” said Adele Aguire, director of SoHo Galleries.

Thursday’s numbers

Five coronavirus patients recovered and four new cases were announced today by Yucatan health authorities. It was also a day of no deaths related to COVID-19 in the state, where 10 fatalities have been reported.

The state is aware of 137 patients who tested positive since the crisis began. Of those, 85 have recovered, but another 29 are in serious condition and in the hospital, a low number for a state with around 2 million people. That number includes the woman who arrived from Canada with the virus, and is part of that country’s statistics.

Another 17 still have the virus, but have mild symptoms and are recovering at home, under quarantine.

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